Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Time Bass

Spring Time Bass Fishing

As all of our lakes are trying to thaw out from the winter freeze I thought it would be a good time to start getting the box full of bass flies.  This time of year will produce some big fish, however the presentation has to be SLOW and go right in front of them. All three of the patterns below will work in the springtime. As always you can change the colors to your liking. 

Goodale's Bass Worm
Hook: SC17 or 600SP
Tail/Body: Fly Tail and, MFC Bunny Brush
Cone: Rivers Wild Sculpin head Medium. 

This patters fishes just like the rubber worm used for many years. Cast this fly to the bank and fish it back to you. It can be fished real slowly during the colder months. You can also speed up the retrieve as the water gets warmer and the fish get more aggressive. The weed guard allows the fly to be casted into the nastiest cover and fished without getting hung up. The material used is very light, so a large fly can be tied without being impossible to cast. 

Goodale's Bass Jig
Hook: SC17 or 600 SP
Tail: Fly Tail / MFC Bunny Brush
Body: SLF Prism Dubbing Olive Brown- In a Dubbing Loop
Legs: Barred Crazy Legs
Flash: Palmer Chenille

This bug imitates just about anything you can imagine crayfish, worm, salamanders Etc. Fish this just like the worm, cast to the bank and slowly fish it back to you. The colors I use the most are olive, brown/orange, and black/blue. The weed guard on this fly allows this to be fished in the thickest cover. It doesn’t matter how the hook rides on this fly. 

Goodale’s Crawdad
Articulated Shank: 35MM
Hook: SC17
Claws: Pine Squirrel
Legs: MFC Speckled Sexi Legs
Shell Back: MFC Scud Back 1/4 Lateral Scale
Rib: Medium Black Wire
Body: Natural Dubbing
Flymen Fishing Company Sculpin Helmet
This pattern is responsible for more Small Mouth than any other in the springtime. The sculpin helmets are heavier on the bottom, so this gives this pattern the realistic look of a spooked crawdad swimming away. The free hook is always in a position to get a good hook up on the fish. I tie and fish these in orange, natural, gray and olive.