Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter Time
Here are a few patterns for you die hard fisherman that will brave the wind and cold this time of year. All three patterns can be put into the midge classification. So get your 7X, warm clothes and hit a tail water near you. 

The first one is Martins Midge Pupa. This simple little patters is responsible for taking more fish below the dam in Estes Park than most others. It's a two material fly and simple to tie. 

Martins Midge Pupa
Hook: Emerger Hook 18-24
Thread: Black 8/0
Wing Case: Opal Mirage Tinsel

The Second pattern is the Goodlae's Baetis Nymph. This pattern is the Bomb during a BWO hatch. It also fishes very well during the winter months. It has a slim profile and nice taper. The use of Micro tubing on a bare hook gives the bug that added extra emerging look we are always looking for. This bug is a must have for the winter months and a BWO hatch.

Gooale's Baetis Nymph
Hook: Emerger Hook 16-24
Thread: UTC 70 olive/brown
Tail: Moose
Body: Micro Tubing Olive Brown
Thorax: Natural Gray Ostrich
wing case: Opal Mirage Tinsel

The Third pattern is nothing special, you have tied and fished this patters for years. But I added a different glass bead to it. It's you're typical thread midge with either a tungsten bead or glass bead. However with all the new colors of glass beads out, I have had good success with Sprite Rivers Hi Lite glass bead in Pearl with this pattern. 

Hope you enjoy these patters and the Blog. Let me know your thought.


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  1. Hello, Jason! Just came across your new blog today and am sure happy I did. Really appreciate the patterns you have started with and would like to say great work on the videos, too. I have added you blog to my blog roll over on the Rainbow Chaser (live in Loveland). Stop by when you get a chance and say hello. Happy to share some readers and some water with you.